Monday, September 13, 2010

Pete's Pieces - Simple As

Move on
to what is gone
broken promises
no more
shall bond
that's what I found
when all day long
a new change
a different song
and if the same
new phrase
wants to mix
with the same old tone
that's love
where two belong

COPYRIGHTS - no use allowed without author's permission
This poem is written by Ira's friend, Pete. Pete writes a lot. He would like to know if people like his writing. Leave your opinion, please, he will be very grateful.

Pete's Pieces - (CALADONIA)

Remember me
when you go on leave
happy moments
and memories
and if our paths
no more shall meet
take it as a dream
when Ireland got beaten
against Unreal

the truth, when parting
is uncomforly
but nature's acceptance
is what it be
a story once heard
when love

Slan Abhaile

Copyrights - no use allowed without the author's permission!
This poem is written by Ira's friend, Pete. Pete writes a lot. He would like to know if people like his writing. Leave your opinion, please, he will be very grateful.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dark Emotions

Evil is one of the words we speak. But not emotion we like to seek.
    Evil is hidden and hides like a mole for to find it you dig down to your
      very dark soul. If you decide to take it too your safe day light I think you
        might get some fright. We think evil like monsters demons ghosts o'
          Yes and ghouls. So people who speak of evil they're no fools. So I say to
            you leave well alone before evil comes to stay in your very home.


Feelings of love

As I wake from the night. I see the sight how warm and bright
Then I walk in the morn. My heart is torn. I fall from grace.
As the day goes on I sit and wait what is my faith. I hope my vision of light won't be late.
I go to the kitchen to the steam and heat. Then I hear the door. My heart skips a beat. And I feel small fear, but not to worry my vision of light is here.


Visions In The Dark

People who look and people who stare. Do they even know or even care
but do you know that people in life try things in life that we would
not dare. It might be on land or maybe in the air. But as we grow from
seed to take the life we lead. So that life in your head or the dreams in your bed.
Well you know what I think some people in life maybe
already dead so for the people in life that disagree. Well, just forget
what you have read.



Sometimes here and sometimes there. In our lives
we sit and stair a lot of problems but do we even care.
Children suffer animals die. For the gases we use leave a hole in our sky.
As a person who cares don't u just want to break down and cry.
You know we kill our rivers and chop down our trees.
Well here is what I say it brings Mother Nature to her knees.


By Chance

As you walk in life. Take time to think. Can you take anymore?
Like the fish that swim and the bird that sore. So we do and say,
Things that people don't like. But as you know that's nothing,
Strange, I hate things that are plain. So if god said to me my son,
Would you like another chance to live again, I would just say no?


Lost youth

Life is strange and life is weird how we appeared. Our mothers had daughters and some regrets.
But was so amazed by our first steps. And as we gooed and gaggled, and also the times we wobbled and waggled. And as we lie in our cots at night as we dream of the wonderful sights. The birds the bees and ye my favourite the monkeys in the trees. The grass and the sky and the sun so high. How pretty life is when I close my eye. And as years and events just fly by I sit here alone and I cry. Oh how I miss my life as that little lost boy.


The Devil's Brew

As I leave the pub drunk and pissed I see a strange shadow away in the mist.
As I look up and I look down, and there yes I see the devil in a dress and I say
To him you look a mess and then with a grin these words I speak: You so fat me so thin.
Then I go to the chip shop for some chips. And he says to me we what about me.
I answer back do u think things in life are free. Then I get home to my wife and say oh my poor head and she says shit he's dead.